How to eat more fruit and veg this summer

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Summer is the time for taking it easy, if you can. If you are looking to eat healthier this summer without spending too much time thinking about it, the Williams and McDaniel blog team has some ideas for how to get more fruit and vegetables into your day, without trying too hard. You can find all the produce you need at Country Produce. Best of all, the store is less than a 10 minute bike ride from Noble Towers (391 Barrie Road, Orillia)


Start with breakfast

Breakfast is an easy way to start your day with fruit. A fresh fruit plate, or even a couple of pieces for the road, will get you going. If you have time for something a bit more substantial in the morning, try adding fresh or frozen fruit to your oatmeal.


Double up on veggies

A straight-forward way to get more vegetables into a meal is to double up on them. Try making this basic vegetable soup recipe but use double the vegetables it calls for. The extra vegetables will not spoil the recipe, far from it. They will enhance the flavour, texture and nutrient value, while adding to your daily intake. A cup of leafy green vegetables or a half a cup of chopped vegetables equals one full serving.


Pile them on pizza

Pizza presents the perfect opportunity to pile on the veggies. Even if you order in, you can order double veggies, or add them on top when it’s delivered. If you want to go the extra mile, this video will show you how to make a gluten-free cauliflower crust for you next pie.


Drink your veggies

The trouble with eating lots of raw, leafy vegetables can be the time it takes to chew them! You can avoid this issue by drinking your veggies in a green smoothie. This kale smoothie with pineapple and banana will hit the spot, with no chewing required.
Making sure you get enough fruits and vegetables into your diet this summer can be as easy as a day at the beach. For more information on Williams and McDaniel rental properties in Orillia, including the Executive Suites at 114 Creighton Street, please visit our website.