W&M -Orillia- Gourmet camping recipes for summer

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One of our favourite summer activities is camping. Exploring nature, breathing fresh air — what better way is there to spend a summer weekend? There are lots of great places to camp in and around Orillia. If you’re planning a camping trip, the Williams and McDaniel blog team wants to help you make the most of your camping trip without making you rough it in the meals department. Forget hot dogs and beans — here are some delicious gourmet meals to try on your next trip into the wilderness.


Campfire chicken with roasted brussel sprouts, potatoes and dill

You don’t have to limit your camping dinners to roasting hot dogs on a stick over the fire. This chicken with roasted brussel sprouts potatoes and dill recipe will hit the spot after a day of hiking, swimming or just laying in a hammock with a good book.


Vegan sweet potato corn chowder

This satisfying and substantial soup can be cooked completely on a campfire. Roast or grill the corn and sweet potatoes in the campfire, grill the veggies over the fire and cook the soup in a dutch oven over the fire or on a camp stove.


Fire roasted vegetable salad

This salad makes the perfect side for any grilled meat or fish, or you can add beans to make it a vegetarian main course. Place the onion, garlic and peppers for this fire roasted vegetable salad right on the embers of the fire to infuse the salad with an incredible smoky flavour.


Don’t forget dessert

Your sweet tooth doesn’t go on vacation just because you’ve gone camping. If the idea of making some more s’mores doesn’t thrill you, how about a pineapple upside down cake made in a simple tinfoil pouch over the fire? It’s the perfect recipe to try if you’re trying to impress your camping buddies.
Get back to nature without denying your tastebuds. A delicious, comforting meal after a day at the campsite can be one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. We hope this week’s post inspires you to expand your camping menu for those days when hot dogs just won’t do. You can find the ingredients you need for next adventure at Zehrs, 289 Coldwater Road, Orillia — a 5 minute drive from Noble Towers, 391 Barrie Road. For more information on Williams and McDaniel rental properties, please visit our website.