Sleeping solutions for overnight guests

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Hide-Away Foam

For residents looking for a comfy and space-conscious option, hide-away foam beds are an ideal option for overnight guests. They provide the comfort of a regular mattress without taking up a large amount of space. Best Buy’s Bodyform Orthopedic Hide-Away Folding Guest Bed is available by online order for just $90.99. Treat your guests to a good night’s sleep while they’re visiting by investing in this handy alternative.


Inflatable Air Mattress

Inflatable mattresses are another option available if you’re expecting overnight guests. It is best to look for models with thicker padded tops to decrease the odds of punctures and tears. Canadian Tire currently stocks the Roots Air Mattress, which features a SureGrip bottom, non-slip surface and a carry bag for easy transportation and storage. Located at 1017 Brodie Drive, the store is a six-minute drive from the Noble Towers Apartments and a 14-minute drive from the Executive Suites.


Rollaway Beds

As the name suggests, rollaway beds can be folded and rolled away when not in use and easily set up at a moment’s notice. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a rollaway bed. First, make sure to look for one with wheels or casters, which make for easier movement around the apartment. Second, purchasing a rollaway bed with a durable frame will ensure your guests have the support and comfort they need to get a good night’s sleep. Third, while you’re examining the durable frame make sure to select a comfortable mattress too.


Futon Couch
Give your furniture more than one purpose with double-duty options. They can easily be taken apart, moved with minimal effort and they can serve as couches during the day. Futon Couches are a budget-friendly alternative that you’ll want to invest in.
Give your guests a good night’s sleep without sacrificing your apartment space with these space-conscious solutions. Located at 391 Barrie Road and 114 Creighton Street, Williams and McDaniel’s Noble Towers Apartments and Executives at 114 Creighton provide current and prospective residents with a great rental option in Orillia, Ontario.