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Orillia 4 reasons why vacations in the fall are better than summer

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No summer vacation? No problem! The best season for vacationing is just getting started. Learn  why fall vacations are even better than the summer vacations in today’s blog post for residents at Orillia apartments. The Williams and McDaniel blog team hopes this post will inspire you to pack your bags.


1. Less people

As a general rule, fewer families travel during the fall, which means you can enjoy less traffic and fewer lines wherever you go, whatever you do. You may find that with fewer folks to navigate around, both on the road and at your chosen destination, you are able to fit more sightseeing into your day.


2. Great rates

As demand goes down, so too do the prices. Especially if you’re planning to fly, rent a car or book a hotel, the budget-friendly cost for autumn reservations might be worth the wait alone.


3. Stunning scenery

Experience the beauty of the changing fall colours as you hit the road. Without the oppressive summer heat, you and your family may end up spending more time outdoors than you would during a June, July or August vacation. Looking for a beautiful spot near Orillia apartments to explore? Lake Simcoe Fall Colour Routes are perfect for laid-back, scenic fall adventures.


4. Festival season

Beer fest, jazz fest, harvest celebrations and more, fall is renowned for its many seasonal festivals. Check out what’s happening all across Ontario, near and far from Orillia apartments, and plan your road trip to include one of these must-experience cultural events.
The Williams and McDaniel blog team hopes you enjoy all the perks of fall vacations. For more information about Orillia apartments and the many easy-to-get-to destinations nearby, please visit our website.