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How to restore antique furniture

Restoring furniture is a cost-effective way of keeping your eclectic and classic furniture pieces in working condition. Whether your furniture is a family heirloom or a recent purchase from the local thrift store, yard sale or estate sale, it can be transformed into a piece of furniture worthy of placement in a display window. To assist you in antiquing and updating the furniture in your Orillia apartment, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel Property Management, has put together some techniques to use to give your furniture that much needed facelift.

 Restoring Techniques


Most old interior and exterior doors or large cabinets will require you to strip them of existing paint, varnish or whatever treatment is currently on them before you begin restoration. This will ensure you have a smooth and clean surface, which new paint can cling to and will allow the grain of the wood to show through. If you are looking for a quick way to restore youth to a dusty set of drawers or table, ‘TLC’s’ 3 Steps for Revamping Lackluster Furniture and ‘DIY Network’s’ How to Restore Dull Furniture Finishes are worth reading. It is also important to remove all hardware, doors or drawers from the piece of furniture and make note of where everything goes for easy reassembly. For all the tools you will need for stripping your furniture, visit Home Depot located at 3225 Monarch Drive. The Noble Towers are a six-minute drive away, while the Executive Suites are only a 16-minute drive from the store. While you work on the wood or metal furniture, soak hardware in a shallow plastic pan or bucket filled with paint remover to make them shine. ‘TLC’s’ How to Strip Wooden Furniture article has step-by-step instructions and useful advice when you decide to tackle furniture fix ups.


After you have picked up that inexpensive couch or chair at the local thrift store, you may want to give its beaten exterior a modern fabric update. That hidden gem may be closer than you think. Salvation Army located at 55 Wyandotte Street is less than 15 minutes away from the Orillia apartments and is one option when it comes to affordable furniture. Located on 166 Wellington Street West, Value Village is always known to have great deals and is only 26 minutes away from the apartments. While it is definitely easier to outsource upholstering to a professional, ‘Canadian Living’s’ How to Reupholster a Chair has easy-to-follow instructions for those who are feeling up to it. It is best to paint, stain and distress the piece first and then pick out the fabric of choice. This will ensure that all parts of the piece get adequate attention and the finished result is cohesively restored.


The distressed look is often sought-after when it comes to modern furniture, as it is known to add character and style to various types of décor. You will not have to wait years and years for the loved, aged and antiqued look if you follow the steps of this ‘Pretty Handy Girl’ Antiquing Furniture Tutorial. However, before you pick up a paintbrush or sandpaper, first determine what you want the overall finished piece to look like. Having a good idea of what you want from the get-go will ensure that the finished product is exactly what you wanted. If below the distressed area you want to see old paint color, you will need to paint two colors. If you would prefer rubbed off areas to reveal bare wood or material, using one coat of paint is sufficient. Drop by Orillia Home Hardware Building Centre located on 5 King Street just 10 minutes away from the Executive Suites and five minutes away from the Noble Towers apartments and pick up all your painting supplies. Once you have drawn up the details of what you want the piece to look like, you will need to decide whether to add a stain to it afterwards. Stains will mute or age the colours that you have selected. If you would prefer to maintain a strong colour, you may want to paint clear polyurethane over the finished product. With a variety of techniques and tutorials currently available like How to distress furniture from ‘Home and Garden Television,’ you can create DIY distressed and restored furniture in no time at all.

The Noble Towers located at 391 Barrie Road and the Executive Suites at 118 Creighton Street are rental options that are ideal for those who are looking for a safe and convenient neighbourhood with the utmost quality.